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"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost." - Marion C. GarrettyCopyright: Courtney Danielle Photography 
Instead of writing a “pretty” little quote to go along with these pictures, I’m going to be one-hundred percent honest with you all and to myself. Here lately, I feel like I have been starting to see, think, and view this world and people differently. I’m not going to go into personal detail of my experiences here lately dealing with people and my problems, but I will say this - that is is truly so hard sometimes to stay strong, positive, and to see the beauty in life even when things may not go your way, or someone has been treating you selfishly, or any problem really that the world just decides to smack you in the face with, without even having a moment to breathe first. It’s not always an easy task either to take your mindset from thinking pessimistically and negative when it happens, and it has honestly irritated me that I have been thinking in such a way as that here lately without recognizing it, because the world IS beautiful. It is all around us. It is apparent. And I realized, throughout all my prayers and my dry eyes, even though there may be shadows - it proves that sunshine is there. Those shadows are only temporary. Beauty is always there - you just have to open your heart as a matter of accepting yourself and life as it is, forgive others, focus on the good, and realize that beauty can be found in the most mundane conditions, such as paint peeling off an old fence, or the blooming of a flower. Even though you may not see that pretty little rose yet, it is in slowing down (such as in life) that we give space for birth to form. I know i’m not the best writer, but I just hope that in realizing all this, not just for me, but I hope for you guys too - it can help give you a more peaceful mind and heart. :)
A couple of shots I took for Vivian and Taylor yesterday for their prom!